Newborn Photography: Why you might be missing out!

August 7, 2020 Photography, baby

Have you seen all those cute baby pictures on social media or in someone’s home? Have you wondered if newborn photography is for you? We are here to tell you why you’re missing out! If you are concerned about COVID-19 please check out our detailed precautions here :) We want you to know you're in safe hands

The birth of your baby is probably the most special moment in your life. Staring at those rosy, red cheeks while you hold them is a feeling one cannot describe. We relive our experiences through photographs and when we look back at those photos we hope to experience all those emotions again even if it's only a taste of them. But the question is, is newborn photography for you? 

The transition from a newborn to a toddler, to a child is extremely quick and as a mother myself, I can attest to that. Every day your little bundle of joy changes a little. Babies are truly fascinating creatures as they grow from a few inches to meters in height. The time we get to actually capture our baby at their smallest is very little. If you miss the train, it's not coming back! Newborn photography is a gift one can share with their children. 

When you are older you can enjoy those moments again and truly appreciate your blessings. When you look at the photos of your children and see their “chub” faces and tiny toes all your senses come revisit you. Suddenly you remember the “new baby smell”and their warm touch. Feelings of joy flood your brain as it is inundated with oxycontin and serotonin. Contrary to what we see today newborn and baby photography isn’t only for social media, you can get photos framed or get a cute album made. One of our clients wrote to us: “Hi Annem thank you so much! The pictures look great in our nursery.” 

baby room framed photograph of newborn baby


While at first sight, you may think that newborn photography is easy and you can just take photographs of your baby at home, we are here to tell you it's not as easy as it seems. I know personally how long it took for me to be confident enough to call myself a professional. Newborn photography is an art and like all arts it also requires training. To really capture timelessness, one has to master the art of photography while at the same time understand the subject, the baby. It takes a lot of experience and training to create the perfect mood, set up, and equipment to etch a timeless photo. It is equally difficult to understand the cues of the baby and when exactly to click the camera. Newborn photography sessions can last anywhere from an hour to even three hours to just capture a handful of photos in perfect poses . However, all that time is truly rewarding. 

Newborn photographer taking photo of baby in Lahore

Newborn photographer Annem Zaidi taking photographs of baby girl in her studio in Lahore, Pakistan.

As an artist, nothing gives me more joy than capturing the first moments of your precious newborn. We truly forget, as parents in the whole process, how time flies and that our baby is not going to be small for a long time. If you just had a baby and you want to savor these moments forever newborn photography is definitely for you! Dedicating a very small portion of one day can leave you with a timeless gift. Get in touch and book your session today

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