September 11, 2020

5 essential tips and tricks for baby photography at home. Learn to shoot like a pro

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Want to learn baby photography and take photos of your baby like a pro? Read our 5 essential tips to get you started

Nothing generates more “awws” or smiles more than baby photos. I can bet you your phone is going to be just full of baby pictures. As a professional newborn and baby photographer, I’m here to teach you five ways on how you can take praise-worthy photographs of your baby that will make you smile forever!

Note: All photos taken in this blog are from a cellphone camera

  1. The ideal time to photograph 

The best time to photograph your newborn is going to be between 1 week to 2 weeks after their birth, however you can photograph children of all ages. The key to achieving the best photographs is to do it when they're asleep. The younger the baby, the easier it is to maneuver them into all sorts of adorable poses. However, do not try complex poses on your own, always consult a professional who has training with complex poses. I recommend you play white noise or any lullaby on another device to make sure your baby stays calm and asleep during the shoot.

baby photography babushka doll

My baby Rania, everything you see in this photo can easily be done at home :)

2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! 

Can’t emphasize this enough; lighting is the key to capture the mood and emotions of your baby. Natural light through a window is the best but make sure you avoid direct sunlight.  If you don't have access to a window then use a couple of lamps to make sure the area is well lit. Make sure the lamps are not in the shots or the light is not coming from behind the baby. Baby photography is an art that takes years of training and lighting is one of the most important aspects of newborn and baby photography.

cute baby girl in yellow dress

Taken in our lounge at home with just a cellphone camera.

3. Props

You must plan what kind of pictures you're looking to achieve. Is there a theme you want to follow? While professional newborn and baby photographers have a wide variety of props that make the pictures super cute, you can create basic backdrops at home. All you need are a couple of blankets. Once you have the backdrop ready, you can wrap them up or do a naked shoot, just make sure the room is not too cold since newborns need to be adequately warm and of course, always make sure their private parts are concealed. You can place a small teddy bear or any other prop next to them to make it more interesting. 

baby photography prop ideas

Its so easy to set something cute up with just some household items and a blanket

4. Outfits

 You can use a variety of outfits but remember that babies normally don't like changing outfits. They are much easier to handle when they're swaddled. However, if you chose to do a shoot in an outfit then you must put your baby in the chosen outfit, then pacify your baby and put him/her to sleep.

baby photography prop ideas

Get creative with you household items and your baby's toys

5. Angles

Be creative but be safe with the angles of the baby. Safety should always be the main priority. Not all babies will like all poses so please be very gentle with your baby. Tilted angles are a hit. Not only the angle at which the baby is placed is very important, but also the angle from which you photograph a baby makes all the difference. One rule of thumb is not to photograph a baby up the nose. that's definitely the most unflattering angle.

Can't ever go wrong with an outdoor shoot. Photo credits: Hejab Fatima

When all else fails or you really need that professional touch or want some complex poses in your memories consult a professional. Call us or message up to book your session today :)